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AFD Ford V8 351 Cleveland Cylinder Heads



Airflow Dynamics has for many years believed that the 2v style cleveland cylinder heads are capable of producing more power and torque than most people believe they are capable of.Through relentless development and over 20 years porting experience of these cylinder heads,we have a clear understanding of the key areas in which these cylinder heads needed to be redesigned and brought into the 21st century, to take their performance potential to a level not seen before from such a uniquely technical cylinder head.
Outstanding results have been reported back to us from our very satisfied customers ,which is a testiment of our commitment of testing and evolving this range of cleveland cylinder head into a world class here for dyno results
This cylinder head range is the Australian engine builders first choice cylinder head when reliable performance is the goal, whether it be a torquey hydraulic street cruiser or a full effort race power plant, AFD cylinder heads out run the rest.
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2V (200cc) Flow Results (bowls blended)

All Flow Testing done on Superflow flow bench and are temperature corrected with
Port Flow Analyzer Software by Performance Trends @ 28".

SP4V (220cc) Cylinder Heads


Here at AFD,we set out to reproduce 2 modern versions of the factory Ford 4V cylinder heads to bring the awesome power potential of the iron 4v cylinder head down to a more usable rpm level whilst increasing throttle response and low to mid range torque by achieving big efficiency levels,an enormous amount of time and effort went into developing wet flow velocity of our Small Port range of cylinder heads to work on a variety of engine sizes with various bore sizes that are available in todays engine configarations.Here at AFD we pride ourselves on the development efforts that result in the most cfm per cc of port available on the market today.

The velocity at low lift produces a dramatically improved throttle response with less camshaft overlap resulting in a smoother cleaner idol without dropping manifold vacuum.

The SP4V cylinder head is a Street/Race application version that is suitable for 351 to 400 cubic inch engines.It certainly has the ability to produce not only great horsepower but an awesome broad torque curve right out of the box.By far the best of it's kind from any cleveland head manufacturers.
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AFD has a huge range of custom camshaft designs to maximise the performance levels of your engine.
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The same super efficient chamber and D-port exhaust runner design are applied in both our 2V and SP4V series of cylinder heads which allows for the use of high compression / low octane fuel combinations ,this is a result of our super burn high efficiency chamber design ,you can (without issue) retain your existing exhaust system aswell, as both the 2v and SP4V series exhaust runners have been raised only 2mm(.080") from it's original factory location.

The SP4V series comes standard machined to accept a 7/16" unc screw in stud and guide plate type rocker system,raised rocker cover rails,hardened valve seats.AFD developed higher performance 4 angle valve seat design (Serdi 100) and valve guides honed (Sunnen) for max guide life.

Complete packages are available for street use or competition use.AFD uses only the trusted brands when choosing valvetrain components to go into our complete packages whether for the street or full roller race engine.

By keeping the exhaust runner in that all important factory type location for the piece of mind of knowing your expensive exsisting exhaust systems don't need to be chopped up or bent out of shape to clear were it should already fit.
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SP4VS (220cc) Flow Data bowls blended, corrected cfm @ 28"




All Flow Testing done on Superflow SF-450 flow bench and are temperature corrected with Port Flow Software by Performance Trends @ 28" of water pressure drop.
Note: flow benches will vary from one bench to another,allow for some flow variations.


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